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April Showers and May Flowers….

Hi Everyone,
As I’m sure you noticed Wendy and I took last week off. Both of seemed busy and the sun was out so we were taking advantage of it.
 So lets play catch up!
 Here are the last sketches we did.
This was our 5th sketch.

These have been so much fun. As I said before when Wendy said “lets do these sketches” I really wasn’t sure I would care to do it.
 But I have found that it has been so much fun. It gives me a little break from working on my normal stuff and I’ve found great use for them.
 I’ve been using pictures that are not ending up in my scrapbooks and then hanging them around my scrapbooking room. It has been working awesome. I love it.
 Wendy’s Sketch is title Wild Things! I used paper that I found at Ross and cut my circles with Creative Memories templates and then I used ribbon to line where the papers change.  The title was cut with Zooballoo.
 Tina’s Sketch is titled Home Sweet Home! These were some pictures that I had left over from around Christmas time. The title Home sweet home was done on Scal and since it was done over a week ago I can’t remember which fonts I used.
The paper was some I had laying around and the solid green color is our favorite paper “Petty Cash”.
 I used ribbon that came on a gift bag so I don’t know where it from and I used my Creative Memories circle cutters for the circles.
And then here is our next sketch. We are going to step it up a little bit and do a two page LO this time. So our dead line is going to be May 7th
Exception to the sketch: On the right side of the LO you must use at least 5 out of the 6 squares shown.
And the webcam saga begins…
 We are now on Skype! Wendy got a chance to try this out at work and thought it would be so fun for our girls to be able to see each other since they don’t understand the whole phone thing. (YET!!!)
So we did, I got mine about 2 weeks ago and Wendy finally got hers set up. Now her little girl Macie digs it – she will talk to us and tell us all about the animals and the sounds they make. She waves to us and says hi and bye. All very cute.
 My daughter on the other hand hasn’t caught on yet. She still just sits and stares, wondering what to do. However we are making progress, a few days ago my mom got on skype and Kayla finally said her ABCs.
 I think its going to take a little longer for the girls to really enjoy it.
 Wendy and I on the other hand are loving it!
 Let me tell you some great benifits to this whole crazy Webcam idea.
 1st Wendy and I are always sending stuff to each other (Thank goodness the postal service is so fast) Whenever we scrapbook shop we are alway picking up stuff for one another and we for each others girls.
 So how nice is this? The other day I picked up stuff and we were talking and I asked if she thought she was going to like the shirts I got for Macie and it hit me! Just show her! So that was awesome.
 2nd when we are scrapbooking and ready to share our work or we need an idea or help, its so awesome to be able to just hold it up and say look! Its alot easier than taking a picture, uploading it, emailing it, and waiting….
 3rd and this is by far the best. I have a friend that comes over and scraps with me every now and again, so Friday she came over for the afternoon and we were scrapbooking and I needed Wendy’s help on finding a SVG file so I thought I would try and skype her. Turns out she was in her scrapbook room and she had some time so we all scrapbooked together and it was a blast.
 We are hoping to be able to do that again soon!
In the weeks to come we are going to be adding lots to our blog. We want to add pictures of our scrapbooking areas and start doing some videos. This blog is really a work in progress and we are loving it.
Thanks everyone for stopping by and letting us share our crazy scrapbooking journey with you.
Happy Scrapin’ – Wendy and Tina
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