Using Ink – Ink It Up

Hi Everyone,
 Here is a simple technique that Wendy and I love!
 Its called Inking and its when you use an ink pad to put color on the edges of matted photos or paper pieces.

In the picture on the left are mini ink pads. The square ones are the one we use the most and I like them because they are small and not that expensive. They run about 2.00 a piece and you buy a wide range of colors without the worry of colors you don’t use often drying out.
The circle picture is another brade of inks and I have a handful of these. I’ve found these are a little higher in price, but I found some colors I couldn’t find in the small square inks.
The picture on the right is of some piece inked. A photo mat and a boarder.
This is fun and easy.
Enjoy – Tina & Wendy
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