Hello Kitty and Paisley Cart Craze

Hello Everyone,
I know I know don’t be shocked, I never post anything.  I usually leave that to Tina, she is so good at keeping up on our blog.  I have to take a moment to recognize her because she is the one that designs, and creates everything on our blog.  My only purpose is to throw out the occassional idea and do minor editing.

At any rate!  I recently got two carts.  Both found on Ebay both $20 with Free Shipping.  Who could pass that up!?  I am not a huge Hello Kitty fan but I do think it’s really cute… My sister in law however is an enormous Hello Kitty fan, so I know she will enjoy using this cartridge with me.  Also, I can make all of her future bday cards, and some cool gifts for her and her daughter with this cart.  Looking forward to that.

Also got the Paisley cart.  It is adorable, has lots of different stuff on it.  Really have been looking for an owl, and it has two very cute little owls.  I had a LO I did quite some time ago named “Friends are a Hoot” and it was just missing the perfect touch, which was an owl!  So now I can cut that out.

On a side note – two amazing friends of mine got me cartridges.  My friend Laura who had a guest post on here earlier this week, got me a basketball cart for $10 at WalMart and Tina got me the Baseball cart on Ebay.  My husband plays basketball in the fall and winter and softball in the summer… so these carts are pretty essential to my collection.

Well it’s Fathers Day and we have one great Daddy in our house to honor.  So I am signing off for now to go celebrate the day out at the lake.
Happy Crafting,

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