Hi Everyone,
Every year we drive about 6 1/2 hours to Reno to visit my family.  My Grandmother and Mom and some extended family.
I grew up living very close to my Grandmother and then in my teen years I lived with her so we are very close and its always so much fun when we go and visit. 
However even though I have alot of fun while I’m there I tend to get very bored so last year I took all of my wedding stuff for my Wedding Scrapbook and worked on that while I was there.
This year I decided to take on a very special project.
I have these Picfolio Albums from Creative Memories and I’m going to put together 3 Recipe Scrapbooks.
These Albums have the slots already for you to slide your pictures in. So I thought it would be an easy way to put this together.
We are going to have some pictures, but not many. Its going to be mostly recipes.
Each of us will end up with an album when it’s all done. 
My Mom really wants to have the old handwritten recipes to preserve the memory of my Great Grandmother and Grandmother.
As long as I have the recipes recorded I am happy.  I don’t have to have the original or handwritten recipes.
My album is going to be more of a Traditional album. I love Tradition and in our home we have alot of them that we have started with our girls.
One of our traditions is to go Apple Picking in the fall! In recent days I found an Apple Cookie recipe that was my Great Grandmothers.  I have fond memories of my Grandma making them when I lived with her.
I will have a page that will feature this recipe.  With any luck I will get pictures of my Grandma, me and my daughter making these cookies while we are visiting so that I can have pictures of us on the same page as the recipe.

 Here are the supplies that I gathered before we went this year to take there.
Pictured here is the album and what it looks like inside.
I ordered a paper pack title “Home Cooking” and its more retro looking with the pinks and blue.
Which I didn’t know when I order it, but it worked out okay because I’m using the cartridges Preserves and From my Kitchen mostly and those have a more Retro look to them.
I’m also taking Sweet Treats and a few other Carts that I thought would work well with the project.
I ordered some special medal embellishments to go with this. They are a red rolling pin, a black spalachla, a yellow toaster and a blue blender.
I will post pictures of our work in progress as well as well as pictures of the finished project.
Should be so much fun!
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3 thoughts on “Preserving!”

  1. That is such a great idea! I just did one for my mom while she was visiting last Christmas. We scanned in the originals and printed off copies to use. I was intending to make myself one too, but her's just became such a big project I couldn't do it then. I hope you post pic of the finished book!

  2. Tina here – this was such an amazing project, it has by far been one of the greatest projects I have taken on. It was a blast going through old Recipes and photos.
    I have tons and tons of pictures that I can't wait share with everyone sometime next week.
    Thanks everyone – Tina


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