Back Home and Project Updates

Hi Everyone,
 So I’m back home and I have some updates.
 First we had a wonderful vacation! It was great getting to see family and friends and just take a brake from everyday life.

 Here are some pictures from the Recipe Project I did at my Grandmas.

 This project was a lot of fun, my intention was to have it done the week I was there, but that didn’t happen.

 I wanted to preserve some old family recipes, what I learned was that it’s very difficult trying to understand what people were thinking 30 something years ago.

 Here is my Grandma and my Mom and me going through all the old Recipes and trying to figure out what we wanted to used.

My Mom and I had very different ideas on how we might put this together. I thought we could type out all the recipes, preserve the old copys and use some of them for accent pieces in the albums and then maybe use some as decor, or embellishments. My Mom on the other hand didn’t want to do anything to “damange” any of them.
On mine I am going to type out all of the recipes.  I want to use mine to include our family traditions.  Not just a recipe book.
My Moms is going to include the original hand written recipes and my Grandma decided that quote “I’m going to die soon anyways so there really is no point in doing one for me. You can just have whatever recipes and pictures you need. I know all the recipes by heart and the pictures are just collecting dust in a box.” (End Quote)  Way to be a Debbie Downer Grandma! 🙂
So that was that.
I also decided to bring the albums home to finish. Here is what they look like so far.
This Coke pages was done for a recipe that is from my great grandmother and its called a Coke Cake. It includes a can of coke!
Also I wasn’t sure when I started this project how I was going to do that Layout. I decided on a die cut of some sort in the top corner and bottom corner.
 I used From My Kitchen the most.
Let me know what you think – Tina
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