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Hi Everyone,
 So I know I posted a Card and a Covered Cricut Box a little bit ago, but here is another.
It seems like is one of my favorite new things to do. I have covered cricut boxes for EVERYTHING!
This is a Birthday Card and a Box for a Birthday.
However I’ve covered them in my Scrapbooking room for lots of stuff. Here are a just a few.
I’ve covered 5 of them that sit on my a shelf directly in front of me (here are 3) they all match and they hold things like metal embellishments, Paper Clip embellishments, Tags, Frames, Punch outs from Paper packs, Large Flowers, Gift Packs, Etc.
I recently unmounted all my wooden stamps. This not a new concept as I found the information over at Robyn’s Page – 
My Pink Stamper She has a video on how to do this.
Anyhow I was trying to find a better way to store my stamps and came up this idea.
I covered the boxes in plain white paper and put the stamps in the boxes.
Each box is something different:
Vacation, Sayings, Holidays, Flowers, Love, Etc 
After doing this I stamped on the box using which ever stamp was inside the box. 
I’m not finished with this project as it is alot of work but I’m so glad I did it. I would recommend doing this to your wooden stamps and it really would work for someone with limited storage space. You don’t have to store them in Cricut boxes. Alot of people I have seen store them in CD jewel case (one lady said she got like 300 from Free Cycle of course for FREE) 
Wendy recently had a great idea for Cricut Boxes as well. She covered one for her daughter’s pens and markers. I thought this was an awesome idea so I did the same and I keep my daughters in her Chruch Bag. (This is a bag we have set aside with fun little activities and fun stuff she gets to take to church with her to keep her busy)
So there you have it, many great ways to use those old Cricut Boxes if you store your Cartridges any other way.
Also if you still haven’t been inspired to use those boxes and you are still throwing them out please send us an email at as we are always on the look out for empty boxes!
Happy Scrapin’
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