Organization Tip Thursday!

Hi Everyone,
 Here is a little Organizational Tip/Product Information!
 This is a few pictures of where I keep my paper.

These bins are only $3.00 at Walmart right now and they are in tons of different colors. I started buying these about 3 years ago and they were $5.00 and only came in black and then one time they only had this bright green. (I really wish they were all black. I HATE it that they don’t match)
In the very top I have paper sorted but then under my paper in each of the other bins I have other stuff stored in them. One has some fabric for my living room, one has Easter decor, the other one has some home decor I’ve made for different seasons and stuff.
Wendy recently bought one that is a really pretty pink!
Her paper is done the same way as mine but she had her sitting on a table the last time I talked to her she was ditching the table to go for the stacked looked that would give her more storage in the end!
Thanks Everyone,

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