Scrapbooking Sketch #10

Happy Tuesday Everyone,
I wanted to post our 10th sketch today.
Here is the story behind our sketches. Wendy always has these crazy ideas. It started with Skype, turned into this blog and every now and again she will say something like “I was thinking we should do….”
I always roll my eyes and say “your crazy … we are not doing that.”  But in the end I cave because most of the time they are GREAT IDEAS!
The idea behind our sketch challenges are simple. We find a sketch (one of us will find one, pick it and send it to the other one

We do the sketch whenever we have the time for whatever we want. I’ve hung some sketches up because I didn’t want them to go into an album, Wendy has used the sketches on premade layouts for gifts.
After we both have completed the sketch we will share with each other.
It is so much fun to see what the other one has come up with, which pictures we have used and so on!
We would love you guys to join in! If you are bored without any ideas to get you in the mood to scrap just look at the sketch we are on and try and do it. Once you are done if you will send the picture to our email address with what supplies you used and how you put it together once we finish our sketches we will post yours with ours.
So here is our 10th Sketch completed. I know I’ve posted some of these other places and I’m sorry for the double posting. Our Sketch Project sort of got put on the back burner and because of that there has been some confussion on my part as to what Sketch we are on.
We have done another sketch after this one, but I lost the picture of the orginal so we are going to have to do a different one.
So this is meant to catch everyone up!
And here is our 11 Sketch we will be working on: (Wendy hasn’t even seen this yet!)
Thanks again everyone,
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