Why Does This Happen To Us?

Hey Everyone,
 So last week I was busy working on a mini album that I did and I was so in the mode and scrapbooking away.
 Wendy on the other hand was busy with other stuff and we really didn’t get to work on anything over skype.
 Then the following week Wendy has been working hard at stuff and I’ve been unable to find that mode again so we have been missing each other.
 We have had a few skype moments and I’m hoping that I will be able to find that bug again and we will have some design time together.
 Here are a few of Wendy’s Projects:
Hi Everyone – Wendy here!  The Purrfect Page I used Create A Critter to make and it’s really cute… Love the way it turned out.  The Waiting To Be Seen page I used New Arrival to cut the lady and then the base piece of paper I found at Heart 2 Heart and I loved it.

This is a card that I made for my Mother In Law from my Daughter.  I love the Koala bear on Create A Critter. I just recently got this cartridge so it’s been a blast using it.
Thisis the invitation for my sister in laws baby shower invitation.  Her shower is in October and we are going to do a fall theme.  I will be posting decorations and stuff for her shower as well.
This is the sketch that Tina and I did a while ago.  I went to Washington with my little girl and we had an amazing time.  These are the airport photos before we left.  There is actually no cricut used on this LO!  I just realized that!
Thanks for looking,
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