Easy Like Sunday Morning

Hi Everyone,
  Anyone ever wonder why people say that … or that song says that because it really isn’t the truth. There is nothing easy about Sunday Mornings.
 This morning was a perfect example. In our house on Sundays Mornings we up at 6:30 so that we can get ready for church and be out the door at 8:45.
 Today I guess we thought we would sleep because we didn’t get up until 8:00
 So after a very stressful morning/afternoon I’m going to take some time today to take it easy and scrapbook. I’m very much in the mood!
 Wendy is out shopping at Michaels and finding some awesome deals and I’m hoping that she will make it home in time to have a few hours of scrapbooking/skype time.
 I thought Iwould post a video this afternoon before I got started.
 I got my Flip Video Camera and Tripod last week and I found some awesome Video edittng softeware. So our Video’s are looking a little different.
 I’m still learing how to use all 3 new products so be kind!
 I hope everyone is having an awesome week!
 Scrapbooking Bliss Here We Come,
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