Fall Diaper Shower Goodies!

Hi Everyone,
Well it’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks.  I’ve been swamped with painting my house, throwing a shower, helping my Grandparents, and my cousin dropped in from North Dakota for a surprise visit! YAY!
I wanted to post photos of the stuff I made for the shower.  Here is the diaper cakes.  I made a big one then had some diapers left so I made a little one.  I decorated them with fake flowers in fall colors… I think they turned out beautiful:

This is the sign I made for the shower.  I used Storybook cartridge to cut the layers.

Here’s the sign I made for the favors.  The sign is cut from Storybook.  I found these favor boxes at the Dollar Store and then I cut out the scalloped circles and stamped Thank You with the leaf on them.

So that’s it folks!!!!  I had a great time doing the shower but I am glad it’s over.  I stress over this stuff so much, because I want it to be really nice.  My sis in law enjoyed it a lot.

Thanks for checking it out!

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