How long does one page take you….

Hi Everyone,
 As many of you know I attended my first ever crop a few weeks back. Yes hard to believe that I had never been to one.
 For the most part it was amazing. I had a great time meeting people and getting to know some other scrapbookers in my area.
 There was this one moment though that really got me thinking. This woman that I just met glared over at my page as I was working on a paperdoll and said to me “How long is that page going to take you? Is that the only thing you will be working on tonight.”
 I’ve never been big on just put picutres down and getting it over with.
 I love to scrapbook and there have been pages that have taken me longer than 5 hours to complete. There are pages that I have left over night so that I could think about them because I wanted them to come out perfect and then there are those pages that have just fallen together in no time at all. I’m in and out of there in an hour.
 Don’t get me wrong those pages are nice, and days like that I for sure get more done than others, but it doesn’t at all upset me to spend hours upon hours on the same layout.
 So here is my question to everyone … how long does it really take you to do a Layout? Is that good or bad? Do you wish you spend less time or more time on a Layout?
 Let us know!
Have a great day,
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3 thoughts on “How long does one page take you….”

  1. Hi Everyone! This is Wendy checking in! I know sometimes it probably seems like Tina's blog…Sorry I need to post more often (if it makes you feel better I do the editing and so I do check in here 😉 Anyway, I am with Tina on this. Some LO's take me FOREVER to finish others I whip out in no time. I love scrapbooking and to me creativity cannot be rushed! So that's my two cents!
    Take care everyone!

  2. I have left pages sit for a couple of days, just because I needed to think about it more. That is what I enjoy about scrapbooking, no time limit! You can't rush creativity and I really hate my pages that look like they came from a kit.


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