Little Hands make GREAT Turkeys!

WOO HOO IT’S FRIDAY!  YAY!  We made it through another week people.  Today is FRIDAY!  Let your hair down, have a glass of wine and relax.
On Monday I was sitting around with my little girl thinking trying to think of new ways to journal.  I looked at her and then thought … OMG how cute would it be to journal in her hand.  So I traced her hand and then did a layout of her finger painting and journaled in it!
Well you know how often times one idea leads to another.  That’s what happened.  For the calendars that I do every year I thought it would be super cute to use my daughters hands as TURKEY FEATHERS!  YAY… Ok so this isn’t my idea, of course pre school teachers have been doing this for something like 10000 years but it was MY IDEA to put it on a calendar for the grandparents to enjoy a cut out of her cute little hand.
Happy Friday everyone!
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