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Hi Everyone,
 Wendy posted a little while back some Calendar pages that she had done. These Calendars she has been doing for a few years now and she does about 3 of them. She has been working on hers all year. I’m only doing 2 Calendars for Christmas gifts and I just started mine. I’m getting started a little late, yes I know this. I guess I work better under pressure! LOL
 Here are a few of my pages so far!
This is the January page. I used Winter Woodland on this page! I love love love Winter Woodland. I thought when it came out that it was stupid and I wouldn’t want it. But I have found that I love it. Its my favorite winte/christmas cartridge.  (Wendy had it and I was loving the way some of her layouts came out… HEE HEE THIS is Wendy and I just added this note because I do the editing..LOL)

This is my March Page and I used Create A Critter for the frog, and Designer Calendar for the clovers.
Here is April and May … May is not done yet.
April I used A Childs Year for.
So there they are! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the stuff that I’ve been working on.
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