Scrapbook Sunday – Basic Scrapbooking Episode 5

Hi Everyone,
 I can’t believe its Sunday already!
 Here our next video on Basic Scrapbooking. This is Episode 5 and its about Color.
 Watch the video and then leave us a commet and tell us what your favorite Color combo is or what you tend to use most.
 I said in the video that mine is Pink! (maybe its because I have two little girls!!!)
Here are a few tips to remember when putting together pages.

1. HAVE FUN this is the most important thing you can remember. Scrapbooking is about you preserving your memories of yesterday for friends and family tomorrow. Don’t worry so much about “how to”.
2. Solid Paper is the best tool you have. Use it to brake up the patterned paper and give the eyes a chance to rest in between those beautiful patterned pieces we all loving useing so much.
3. This is a video on a few things you can pick up to inspire you to use color on those pages.
Thanks for watching today – I hope you are enjoying some scrapbooking time!
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