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Hi Everyone,
This is Wendy (for a change)… I am going to start making an effort to post more often.  Tina needs some R&R from posting daily and I’ve just been in the habit of sending her everything to post.  So she suggested I just do the posts for some of the days. 
Here I go!  On Sunday I got to scrapbook with my friend Laura.  We had a great time.  I got to finish up a few things and get my hands dirty with a few new layouts and calendar pages.
Every year I give my Mom, my Gramma, and my Mother in Law a calendar.  I use photos that have been taken throughout the year.  So here’s my latest on the calendars:
This is for my Gramma’s calendar.  The cute squirrel is cut from Give a Hoot cartridge.  I am also going to cut some leaves and a bird to go on this!  I love the colors
This is my mother in laws August page.  It’s also a sketch that Tina and I did!  This will be featured in another post as well.  The paper is from a paperpack that I found at Ross.

I love love love this paper.  I’ve had it for YEARS!  Finally using it.  This is my Mom’s September page.  The paper really reminds me of her style.

Here are some layouts that I’ve been working on.  This is the stuff I did this weekend when Laura came to visit.  I will be asking Laura to take some photos of her stuff also to do a post with her goodies!
This is a layout that I did for my Daughters second birthday.  I am really disappointed in it.  You know when you have an idea in your head and want it to come together and be perfect, well that was what this started as and you can see did not end up as! LOL.. If you have any suggestions for me on this layout and how to improve it PLEASE let me know.  
This layout is also for Daughters second birthday.  We got her a puppy.  This layout is NOT finished.  I need to add ” I AM” above the dog and teh number 2.  I am also going to add some balloons and stuff.
Well everyone that is it for me! I am planning on doing a lot of scrapping this week.  The weather has finally turned cool and rainy here in California and I am ready for some serious scrapping afternoons while my Daughter naps.
Talk to you all soon!
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