Violet’s 1st Year Album – Progress

Good Morning Everyone,
 We hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend, can you believe that summer has been here this year and is now gone! Fall sure has set in.
 Wendy had a race on Satruday and then spent some time with family on Sunday!
 I had a very productive weekend! I shoot a few videos for a new series I’m going to be doing and I complete about 8 Layouts!
 I’m moving right along inViolet’s Album so I thought we could start the week off with that.
 This week we will have some pages from Wendy that she has finished, a design by Laura and another Organization Thursday Video.
Lets get this week started!
 I know share with everyone recently my attempt in redoing Violets album and I have to say that its going alot better than I once thought it would.
 Here are some pictures of some pages that I’ve started redoing!
 I’m now really enjoying her album and I’ve find as her 1st Birthday is aporching fast and we are starting to think back on that time, doing this album now is starting to give some closer on all that was lost, all that was gained, and all that was learned!!!!!!!!
Orginal I did a 2 page, 12×12 Layout of “Papa Mike & Mimi Carol”
I gave one side to Papa Mike and the other side to Mimi Carol  – and I called it good.
As I was thinking about redoing this album one of the things that had been on my mind was the fact that Violet spent the first month of her life with these wondeful people and I hadn’t really done a very job of telling her the stories of that time of her life.
Even though I was not there EVERYONE knew that  would want ALOT of pictures and video’s of my Children and they were awesome about gathering those moments for me that I missed.
So my goal as I began this “Redo” was to capture the best I could these people and those times in my daughters life for her to look back on in the years to come.
Here is the page now:

I’m so happy to say that Violet’s Album is coming along nicely and I have really been inspired to keep working on it.
I can’t wait to share more with you in the weeks to come!
What did everyone work on this weekend? Anyone else getting excited about Winter come and all the cozy scrapbooking days we will be able to have?
Enjoy your week everyone,
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