Everyone Should have a Best Friend / SCRAPBOOK EXPO

Hi Everyone,
 I think everyone should have a friend that they scrapbook with.
 I love scrapbooking and I would do it and I have done it alone. But I have to tell you that its so much more enjoyable with a friend!
 For a long time Wendy and I would call each other on the phone and just chat and then we would take pictures of our projects and email each other.
 Then we found skype!
 I enjoy so much being able to scrapbook with Wendy over the phone or over skype.
 And she made a great point the other night … no matter where we are in life or in the country we can scrapbook and skype together.
 If you have someone in your life that is far away spend a little money on a webcam and try it out. You might be surprised.  AND SKYPE IS FREE… that’s the best part!
Here is a little note …. the other night its a little after midnight and I’m sitting my scrapbooking room working on a layout because I couldn’t sleep and I see my Skype pop up and it says “Wendy’s Online” and I thought … Is she really online?. So I sent her a message and said “Are you really here?” She called me a few second later and we were both like “What are you doing?”
 Long story short we talked for a few minutes, showed each other some recent projects and realized that we were both crazy to be up at 1 in the morning …. we have also realized that a lot of our crazy project overload come from talking.
 We find ourselves saying a lot “You know what would be fun to do.” or “We should do this… or that”.
This is Wendy and I wanted to let everyone kmow that I’m attending the Scrapbook Expo in Sacramento today!  Tune in tomorrow for a video a post and a chance to win BLOG CANDY! 
Thx,Wendy ***
Tina and Wendy
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