Expo Post – BLOG CANDY!

Hi Everyone,
Well the Scrapbook Expo in Sacramento was AMAZING!  We had a BLAST!  I took a video at the expo but had MAJOR issues getting it to upload and finally gave up and then managed to delete it from my camera.  So I no longer have the video!  Anyway, there were vendors from all over and they had outrageous deals.  I got so much stuff for a dollar!  Next year I am definitely saving up so that I can go with some cash in hand and make some major purchases.  Here is a video of all the goodies I got and of course I brought stuff home for Tina.  I got all this stuff and only spent $38.79.  I couldn’t believe it!
Tina also did a little shopping this weekend and Monday she willl share with you guys what she got and there will be a great Blog Candy Give Away! So tune in Monday for details on how to win!

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