Let the adventure begin!

*****I do NOT have any of these documents any more. I no longer use my cricut this way, so I have NOT kept up on this binder*****
Hi Everyone,
Wendy and I have been telling you guys that we were going to start a new video series and today is the day!
 Are you ready … wait for it… wait for it …. okay here it is!
Tina and Wendy’s Great Cricut Cartridge Adventure!
Well maybe that is too long of a title… I guess we will just call it Cricut Cartridge Adventures! I really love doing series! It gives my OCD a chance to really shine through.  I’ve roped Wendy into coming along with me on this one, I think we really going to have a great time.
This video is just going to be introduction stuff and what you guys get to look forward to. Next week I will be showing everyone how to make a Cricut Bug Head using one of the Cartridges. I am often asked how to
make the Cricut head!
I couldn’t get both video into one. So here is the 2nd part which is about my Cricut Binder!
Cricut Binder Information: 

1st Section: My Cartridges
 This is where I have print outs of all the backs of my cartridges. You can find that information here: Cricut Cartridges  You will be able to print these pages out using your printer. Make sure your printer is going to print the full sheet by checking your settings under “Printer Preferences” and then make sure the scale is set to 100 percent.
*** I’m trying to find a way to be able to post my Docs on the blog, I get really behind on email requests, as soon I’m able to I will get them posted for you guys to just download ***
Cricut Cartridge List:

2nd Section: Cricut Cartridge List
This is a word doc that Wendy and I have created. Its a list of ALL cartridges. This list is broke down into categories such as Font, Shape, Solutions, Seasonal.
 This Lists lets you know what cartridges come with what Machines, which ones are retired and which year the seasonal came out in.
3rd Section: Cricut Cheat Sheet By Alpha
 This is the cheat sheet that lists ALL Alphabet, phrases/words and shapes in Alpha order. 
 This cheat sheet is currently over 61 pages long and will keep getting large as more and more carts come out. 
 This list was not created by Wendy or myself. 
 Linda Scott over at Just Scrappin  is the one who created.  
 In order to get a copy of this list you must go here: Cricut Cheat Sheets 
 This is a Yahoo Group and you must sign up and become a member  This is free its just like Hotmail or MSN or AOL
 If you have a yahoo.com email you will be able to get into this group. I will not send out the cheat sheet. It only takes a few moments to sign up and then you will have access to alot of great Cricut Help.
4th Section: Technique Corner
 This is the section that has alot of the techniques that have been featured in The Cricut Chirp or things that I have learned that help out in using your cricut and the cartridges
5th Sections: Tips
 This is just helpful tips suchs as how long will your blade last, using the deep cut blade, and this also has a small explanation for each of your creative feature buttons on the Expression & the Create.
 I also have instructions on such things as drawing faces on your paperdoll or how to make them look like they are sitting instead of standing.
 The very last part of the binder has a guide for cutting all kinds of different paper materials. I found that document here: Cutting Guide
Thanks Everyone,
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