When you have kids….

Happy Holidays To Everyone,
A quick story…. last week around Wednesday I get a text from Wendy and she says “Hey when you get this call me I have a cutting Cricut question…”  This in itself is odd since she doesn’t really need my knowledge of the cricut anymore.  So I call her and we are chatting for a few minutes, I answer her questions, she says she wants to show me a project she finished so I skype her.
 Our conversations (Unless held after 9 pm) go like this:
 Wendy: Hey ..  I started this … HOLD on … Macie no … don’t touch that… Okay look what I made. …
 Me: Oh that looks awesome …HOLD on Kayla don’t hit your sister, stop doing that. Violet get down.
 And that will go on and on throughout the conversation
 So after we have been doing this for about 30 minutes. I say to Wendy
And with that we hang up.
 2 hours later I call her up on skype and sit down to “Craft” We have been on skype for about 3o minutes when I look up at her see her in high speed cutting, pasting, up and down, paper flying and I look around at my table and realize I’m in high speed mode as well and covered in all the same stuff.
 I laughed and said “Nice how we are so focused on getting as much done and we can we are not even taking to each other.”
 We ended up getting a little bit done, shared a few projects and had a few laughs and it was wonderful to have those few moments.
 That is why you have to love skype… there are moments that its even better than real life …. and here is why.
 If I lived close to Wendy and wanted to scrap with her I would have to load everything up, get the kids ready, and all their stuff go to her house, unload everything, set up … on and on and on … this way. We call, we sit down, we scrap!
 That is the good part!
 The bad part is the moments when Wendy will call me up and say “Hey want to run into town with me, maybe go to Michaels and costco!”  Of course she is joking because I live 4 hours away its not posiable.
If you have a friend out there that lives away ask for a webcam for Christmas, or get each  other a webcam and download skype. You won’t regret it.
Even when you have kids you will find little moments to steal away to laugh with your best friend!
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