Cricut Cart Adventure – Part 3 – Animal Kingdom

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Hi Everyone,
 Welcome back to our Cricut Cartridge Adventure Series. Today we are going to be taking a look at the Cartridge Aniaml Kingom.
Here the picture that you will see on the back of the box.
  I love the fact that these animal are all very realistic looking.
Wendy and I love our Create A Critter cartridge, but the aniamls on that cartridge as well as the ones on Zooballoo are a little more fun and cartoon looking.
 One of the great creative features on this cartridge is the “Sounds” Feature.
 This feature can be used with any of the other animal cartridges mentioned above.
In our Video today I’m going to be showing you how easy the Featured Project in your handbook can be to make. (See bottom of the post for insturctions on this project)
Wendy has made a Chrismas Card using this cartridge as well. See the picture of her project below as well.
Wendy’s Christmas Card!
Fishy Kisses
  Animal Kingdom Cartridge
  Printed Paper
  Card Stock
Step One: Cut the following pieces
 1 “Fishy Kisses” prhrase in 2 different piece of color/pattern paper.
 1 3 1/2 Fish Bowl in Vellum
 Press SHIFT key to cut one 3 1/2 Fish bowl in blue to make water
 Two 1 1/4 Fish
 One 2″ Seaweed
Step Two: Cut by hand 5″ x 5″ Card Base to mat on top layer of your card
Step Three: Ink or chalk all pieces.
Step four: Layer your cut pieces as follows.
 Layer and glue the wave pattern on top of the vellum fish bowl
 Cut the green fishy Kisses phrase so that the F and H in Fishy and the K and scond S in “Kisses” are separated. OLayer and glue them onto the other cut “Fishy Kisses”
 Layer and glue the seaweed and seaweed layer
 Layer and glue all pieces to the 5″ card base.
Thanks everyone for watching, Next Sunday we will be using Christmas Cheer and I have a fun project planned.
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