Update on our Military Family

Hi Everyone,
First we have to say we are sorry for not keep up on these updates. It seems like Wendy and I have been super busy with Christmas EVERYTHING.  From projects to gifts to craft fairs! UGH! So busy
 Lets do a Recap:
 October: Tina had Iraq and she sent a a box full of candies with a little topper that said “We Apperciate You”  Two things happened that I’m not happy about. 1. I forgot to take pictures of this to post. 2. My box never made it to Iraq.
 Wendy had Shelia and the kids and she sent them the Carmel Apple box which we featured pictures of them getting and making the apples.
 November: Wendy had Iraq and she did basically the same thing I did the month before and she forget to take pictures as well. So there you go! But Sean and his platoon did receive them along with other goodies that were sent.
Tina had Shelia and the kids and sent them a mini paper bag Thanksgiving album and some stuff to go along with it.
 (Okay here is the deal the people… Its the night before I’m leaving for Vacation and I’m in the middle of packing and planning and I can’t seem to find the pictures or video or whatever I took of what I sent Shelia. I sent a paper bag mini album that I made, I included letter stickers, die cuts,  and stickers. Along with some solid paper and pattern paper that matched.  I also made a card and included a Christmas Card since I just got this stuff mailed today!  I know… I’m really bad about getting stuff to the post office)
 Wendy has Sheila and the kids.  Here are the photos of what I sent.  The card I made for Sheila to send to Sean.  In side it says “My heart is with your heart”
 Tina has Iraq and I made up these cute little snowman bags! They have some candy canes & hot coco with marshmallows in them and then a Christmas Card for each of the guys.
 For Janaury Tina will have Shelia and the kids and Wendy will have Iraq again.
We promise to be better at taking pictures and keeping all of you updated.
 Thanks everyone,
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