Lets Talk Photo’s

Hi Everyone,
Lets kick off the new year by talking about photo’s,  which is at the heart of scrapbooking! Lets face it, without photo’s we wouldn’t have anything to scrapbook!
I’m understanding as my life gets crazy with family and kids that it can be an overwhelming thought to scrapbook.
 When I started scrapbooking I also got my first digital camera.  So when I took some photos I would have them printed immediately and just scrapbook them.
 Now with 2 kids and a busy life I often don’t get my pictures printed for months!!!!!!!!
 So I thought I would do a short video to show you how I do my photos.
I use snapfish.com to upload, print and keep my photos safe.
Wendy uses costco.com
Have a great day
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1 thought on “Lets Talk Photo’s”

  1. Nice system! Mine are in a pile on my desk. (the current ones) and the older ones are catalouged in Photo boxes like you have. It is just hard to decide which ones to scrap and which ones not to. I still haven't done my wedding pictures or our trip from 8 years ago!!!
    Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby but it can get overwhelming at times!!!


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