Scrapbook Paper SCRAPS! ACK! Madness… Does anyone have a great solution?

Hi Everyone,
So I am in the midst of trying to organize my scrapbook paper SCRAPS! I have tons of scraps and have just dumped them all in a bamboo tote.  Well I thought that was working perfect for me but it turns out I was ruining my tote.  I got it on my honeymoon in Hawaii and just don’t want it to be messed up.  So this is no longer an option for my scrap storage 🙁  So here are the videos I shot the other night!  Please post a comment and give me ideas on what I can do for storage.  This is the beginning of the redesign of my scrapbook room.  For my 30th bday my hubby is helping me redo my scraproom and Tina is coming up to help out. 🙂
Thanks everyone,
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9 thoughts on “Scrapbook Paper SCRAPS! ACK! Madness… Does anyone have a great solution?”

  1. I always trim down my scraps and throw out the stuff that has already been cut…I keep anything that is bigger than 3×3. I keep them in an expanding file folder in ROYGBIV order. you could do the same idea in a crate with your dividers or you could put them in your own order…I always go to that first when making a project to see if I have the colors I need to cut so I don't need to cut a full sheet…I also occasionally go through it and make a ton of cards with the scraps so I don't have too many

    also to make it super easy when I am working on projects I try to trim my scraps as I go if possible, then all scraps just get thropwn into a box(or here is where you could use your tote…then when it is starting to get full, I will take my scrap file and my box and my trimmer and go sit in front of the TV and sort them…that way I don't have to take a ton of time while I'm crafting…i tried it that way but it seemed to mess with my mojo

  2. You started great by trimming them down and sorting in to color groups. I keep mine sorted in plastic drawer units. I don't have enough drawers for each color individually so I have black and white in one, pink, red, orange and yellow in one, blue, green and purple in one, brown, tan and gray in one , specialty and glitter paper in another and patternewd in one.
    This works really good for me. I always use my scraps first. But I do have to admit, the patterned paper pretty much gets ignored. I am going to have to find a new way for that so I can use it more!!
    carriedan1 at live dot com

  3. I do the same thing as Carrie K for cardstock scraps…I have 2 of the 12×12 plastic drawer units, (3 drawers in each) stacked on top of each other and I have a drawer for red/pink, orange/yellow, green, blue/purple, browns/blacks/creams, and white. It's an awesome system and I use it constantly for Cricut cuts. (I also cut the yucky stuff off of the pieces like you did).

    As far as patterned paper, I have it all in a Cropper Hopper file folder and I'm ashamed to admit that I rarely touch them…lately I've been letting my 4 year old daughter have free reign of my patterned paper scraps (that really helps put a dent in them 🙂

  4. What if you build on the system you already have and put a folder in the front of each color or pattern section you already have (but directly behind the separater and label) to put your scraps? That way you keep the same process for everything and it is still neat and tidy but you go to your scraps first when you need something.

  5. Get a binder or album of some kind with clear pocket inserts that open at the top. You can put the paper in the clear pockets sorted by color and a different binder for patterns. You can put see what you have, and and it will stay protected. You will need a ton of clear insert pockets.

  6. I used to have the same problem with my scrap paper, I saw a video on someone's blog where she used plastic ziploc bags (the big ones) to separate her scraps by color and pattern. When I first watched it I didn't think it would be very convenient but I had to try something. Turns out it works awesome, I keep my bags in a plastic box I bought at Joann's but your tote would work just fine. I also cut all the excess from the cricut when I organized mine, it saves a lot of space. Good Luck!

  7. You did a great job with sorting the colors.

    I use this

    it is great to take to crops or have in the crop room. There is plenty of space to separate all the colors.
    I do have my black, white and grays in one pockets.

    The best thing is it has a big and little spots. So when you need a 3×3 check out the little spot and when you need a 6×12 check out the big spot.

    I tend to keep all my pattern paper together. Like when I have a DCWV stack, I keep all the scraps from that stack together.
    Maybe you can put a folder (12×12) in behind the dividers that holds the pattern scraps.
    (behind the stripe divider, have a folder for all your stripe scraps)

    Good Luck, Hope you find something that works great for you!!!


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