Wendy’s Scrapbooking Room Makeover!

Hi Everyone,
Wendy and I are so excited to share with you are big plans for the month of March! Our plans include all of you!!!!!!!!!!  Wendy is turning 30 March 2nd and for her Birthday she has decided that she wants to redo her Scrapbooking room.
I’m going to her house the first weekend in March and I will helping her with this big make over.  She has already painted her room and she will be sharing small bits and pieces of her room in this blog post!
When I go down to help her we are going to shoot some videos for the big reveal.
Now how does this include all of you? Well that weekend will also be the big kick off for our
1 year blog anniversary (Imagine Oprah here)
Starting the following Monday (March 7th) we will be having Our Favorites Week. Every day we are going to talk about something that is our favorite and give something away every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!March is also going to be our March Organization Madness Month and so we will be sharing alot of tips and great organizational finds!
**** Ok here I am – this is Wendy*****
Here is my room before I ever started the makeover!  UGLY!
Ok here are some updated photos to see the progression of what I have going on!  I moved all this junk out of my room and it’s sitting in my dining room! Not pretty people! But I have no where else to store it right now and it all has to be organized and put into something else!  So we’ll see what happens with this!
Here you can see the new color on the one wall.  The blue is the old color!  I painted it with a flat paint and that blue was just chipping all the time.  Plus it was too dark.   I was ready to lighten things up.  So the color I chose is Holmes Cream Valspar and it’s a Satin Finish.  It’s really pretty!  The room has been completely painted at this point but these were taken half way through. 
 This is just a before photo of that wall.  There were shelves above that table with my paper on it, but we took all shelving down.
 This I picked up at WalMart for $15.00.  I am desperately looking for a cart to put my Expression on that has drawers.  But everything I have found that I really love is REALLY expensive.  Like $60 or more.  So I saw this and thought it would work.  Well it’s really flimsy and I knew it wouldn’t withstand all the use I put a cart that has my Expression on it through, so I used it to store all my wrapping stuff *bags, ribbon, tape, Christmas wrapping stuff, etc*  It will work perfect for that.
 So here is the new desk!  It was dark green on the bottom but that wasn’t going to work for my room, so I painted it white 🙂  I really love it!  Turned out great and it’s a nice workspace and the top is VERY sturdy so should be no bowing like the other desks I’ve had.
 **** Ok back to Tina****
You are going to be so excited to see how it’s turning out!!!!! THE great part is she is trying to do this room makeover for as inexpensive as possible.  She checks in at all the thrift stores around her every couple weeks and she has been really good at getting stuff from other people and figuring out how to repurpose it!
Are you so excited ????????… We are counting down the days until I get to go visit her and get this all done!
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