Finally … February Calendar Pages!

Hey Everyone, Happy Sunday!
 I know at the beginning of the month we started our Calendar series and were are supposed to be on April right now, and Wendy has made it pretty far on hers, me on the other hand I have only made it to February and then on top of it I had internet issues (what is new right … I can’t wait to get moved so that I do not have to deal with that any more)  For 2 weeks everyday I tried uploading this video and it never would work.
 Finally I hooked up my computer directly to my internet modem and I uploaded 7 videos. I started this process at 9am last Sunday morning and they didn’t finish uploading until 11:00 am on Monday morning. CRAZY
 So with out another delay here is our February Calendar Pages and I hope to have March posted next week.
Here are some pictures of my Calendar Page, some how I didn’t end up with pictures from Wendy for February I only ended up with Video. Sorry!
Thanks Everyone,
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