Happy Valentine’s Day

Good Morning & Happy Valentine’s Day To Everyone!

 I know that I posted last week that I had really lost all insperation to create anything and I was getting worried that I might never scrap again…. well for everyone who has been worried about me this last week you will be happy to know I think its finally coming back!!!!

I knew that I needed to get my Valentine’s Stuff done (and by stuff I mean lots of stuff) so I made myself get in to the scrap room and get them done.

 Here is a video of all my goodies as well as the package I sent Wendy and her Daughter Macie! I’m really bad about getting to the post office so I didn’t mail her package until last Thursday. So I’m hoping that she got it by today.

(Okay I was going to post a video but I’ve been having a internet issues and I can’t get my video’s to upload) I will try and post them as soon as I can)

I have big news for tomorrow… I will be headed down to see Wendy for the day we have to make a quick trip to Sacramento and we will get a chance to hang our for the afternoon! We will try and shoot a video while I’m there. I might try to help her scrapbook room as well and then at the end of this week we will be posting a video (maybe a in person video or a skype to scrap video) with some big news in Tina’s life.

Thanks everyone for hanging out with us! We hope to have lots of projects posted soon!

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