Our Next Series – Our Calendars

Hi Everyone,
 We are so excited about this next series we are starting. You have all heard us talk about “Our Calendars” that we do each year for gifts at Christmas time.
 In an effort to get these complete early this year we thought we would share with you each week one month of our Calendars.
 I’m doing three this year. One for my Grandma, One for a special friend that is like a grandma to my children and one for my Mom.
 I’m doing all of my Calendars the same this year with the exception of my Moms. My follows are blog and so I have decided to “Design” my calendar page on her calendar and not show that one on the blog. It will be mostly like the others but will vary in color and size.
 Wendy does 2 Calendars a year one for her Mom and one for her Mother in Law.
Here is our first Video and its for the month of January! (Sorry I spelled Series & bloopers wrong on the title for the video… it is what it is…. )
(Watch the video all the way to the end to see some bloopers)
We will be going in order I’m sure so next week will be Feburary!
 Here are pictures of our projects:
Thanks everyone for stopping by today – Have a great Sunday
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2 thoughts on “Our Next Series – Our Calendars”

  1. Hi Girls, Love the calendars – actually what a fab way to make Christmas gifts, without the end of year rush. I have one in my stash, but I am going to buy another for my Mum and MIL. Thanks heaps for this idea.


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