Wendy’s Scrapbook Room Update & Big news!

Hey Everyone,
On Tuesday I took  a day trip with my family down to Wendy’s and we shot this video!
 Because I’m in the middle of moving and my life is a bit on the crazy side there will be some changes happening to our blog.
 We have been trying to post everyday – Sunday – Tuesday Tina posts and Wed – Friday Wendy posts and Saturday is our day off. 
 Our weeks will not be looking like this for awhile.
 If you have noticed we haven’t had alot of projects or scrapbooking pages posted in recent days and that is because with Wendy’s Scrapbooking Room Make over and me trying to pack up my house and trying to move we just haven’t had time to scrapbook.
 We will still be posting at least once a week and once Tina gets moved and settled in you an expect lots of Viedo’s and projects and pages from us.
 We will still be doing our Skype to Scrap Video’s even though I will be living right down the road from each other! Our skype to scrap may be a little different since there is not going to be 4 hours between us, but we will still be using it.
 We love our blog and we are so thankful for all of you that check our blog and have said that we inspire you. We will still be doing lots of stuff for the blog its going to be changing as we now move onto this new chapter in our lives.
 Thanks Everyone,
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5 thoughts on “Wendy’s Scrapbook Room Update & Big news!”

  1. Oh my gosh, you two are so frickin cute! I'm so excited for your move Tina! I wish I had a bestie to craft with-I'll just have to have my crafting fun vicariously through you two LOL. Hope it all goes smoothly and looking forward to your settling in and posting some more awesomeness!


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