April’s Calendar

Hey Everyone,
 I thought I would give you guys and update on my life!
About 3 weeks ago we moved out of house and put all of our stuff into storage in the town where we are hoping to move.
We were planning on moving into a place there, but it feel through at the last minute.
So I’m with our girls up in Nevada staying with my Grandma and having what we are calling a “Mini Vacation”
My husband is down in California because he needed to start his new job!
I brought most of my Scrapbooking stuff to my Grandma’s so I could get back to scrapbooking, however with my husband gone I haven’t had a lot of help with the girls which I’m very use to having, I also don’t have my “own” room or space to really set everything up so I have no way of really setting up my camera to shot a video.
And it has made it a little harder to Scrapbooking with my Gypsy broken! I don’t even know if I remember how to use plain old carts in my cricut! ha ha ha ha ha
However I did find some time to get my April Calendar pages done.
I had a really nice time doing this. I used my April Showers Mini Cart for this project!
I got this cart about a month ago and have not had time to use it.
I hope you enjoy the video
Here are some pictures of my Calendar pages:
Thanks Everyone,
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