Journaling with your Computer

Hi Everyone,
 This is a question that I get asked alot. How do I use my computer to do my journaling.
 Here is a short video the very basic idea of using your computer to journal.
I love, love, love fonts and here is a list of the ones that Wendy & I use most often
Ammys Handwritting
Minya Nouvelle – This is a great font! its a little fun but very simple so reading it easy.
Kentucky Fried Chicken (Wendy often refers to this font as “Whats the Chicken Fried Font I like”?)
Bradley Hand – this is a standard font on most computers
Jayne Print
All these fonts can be found online and here are some websites we like to use for downloading our fonts.
You can also google the name of a font and find a place to download it.
Also Kevin & Amanda website has a great Scrapbooking/Font page! She can turn your hand writting into a font! There are great “handwritting fonts’ for free on her site and I love alot of them.
Thanks Everyone,
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