July Calendar Page

Hey Everyone,
 Okay so here is my July Calendar page. Wendy hasn’t got anything done past June yet. (She needs to get her butt in gear!!!!!!!!!!!)
 Next week I think we will be feature some other calendar pages from Wendy. She does 2 or 3 Calendars a year like I do, however for the most part we have never done all the calendars the same.
 Since they are for different people we have always designed then differently.
 This year to make this simple for me I’m doing all the 3 of my Calendars  the same. Wendy however is not doing that and she has been working on a few months in other calendars.
 So next week I think we will just check in with her and see how they are turning out.
Episode 86: July Calendar Page
Here is some pictuers of my project and as you can see I got my tripod back out and it was alot of fun doing this video for you guys, I love doing this and I have been missing be able to get these done the right way!
I hope to be able to do lots more videos like this for you now!
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