The Simple Idea of Scrapbooking!

Hi Everyone,
 Both Wendy and I love scrapbooking, that is safe to say. We love it for many reasons.
 Its something that has kept us connect to one another as scrapbooking slipped into our lives around the same time.
 Its for sure like Therpy to us. As women alot of times we have tons of different things on our mind all the time. There is always a list of stuff that needs to be done and we have both found that Scrapbooking is the only time we can let our mind rest!
 Its very freeing to be able to creative!
 Anyone who knows us know we scrapbook and I get lots of people who say they can’t scrapbook or won’t try because its too expensive, too time consumming, they don’t have room, or they just don’t understand how to.
 I wanted to take a minute to talk about this.
 When I started out scrapbooking I had 1 paper pack and very very supplies. In fact they all fit into 1 medium size box.
 I would scrapbook at the coffee table, or lots of time right on the floor with all my supplies piled on the floor around me.
 I was happy with this and I was able to scrapbook just fine.
 As my hobby has grown I’ve added more stuff, found new techniques and add more steps to my pages.
 The idea of scrapbooking is simple. You take photos which we all have and you put them in an album which we all do anyways.
 You can scrapbook any picture in any album with any embllishments you like. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or expensive! It just has to be you.
 Here are a few tips we have learned over the years.
1. LOOK every where for scrapbooking supplies.
 We have found scrapbooking supplies all kinds of different place. We don’t limit our finds to Local Scrapbooking stores.
 I have found items in a hardware store!
 We always sign up for coupons. Michaels, Joanns, Beverlys, Hobby Lobby all have coupons you can get through your email or in your mail box. We also find them online and print them out.
 There have times I’ve wanted something and waited a whole month until I could get the next coupon to get it.
3. Look at stores like Ross, T.J Max, Marshalls, Big Lots, Tuesday Mornings
 Often time these stores have awesome deals.
 Wendy and I both wanted a paper pack that only Joann’s was offering and it was 20.00
 I was able to find it at Ross for 5
 Once I seen a paper pack online that someone had got in Canda at a walmart it was 20.00 I never could find it at my walmart but I found it at Ross for 7.99
4. Its not a timed event.
 If it takes you two years to get photos in an ablum then so be it. No one is timing you!
 This is an enjoyable event.
Let us know what you think about scrapbooking!
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