So Excited…..

Hey Everyone,

 I’m so excited today is the big launch of the E2 and I have not been able to tune in yet, It starts in about 10 minutes and I’m going to eat lunch and watch and wish I had one! 

 The other thing I’m very excited about is Wendy and I have made plans to Scrapbook on Saturday! I’m spending all day in the room scrapbooking and getting caught up and I’m going to shoot some videos for everyone! That will be so much fun.

 To hold everyone over here are some cards that Wendy has been working on. They all look wonderful!

 Hope everyone has a great day watching the launch of the E2! Its going to be so exciting to see everyones layouts, I saw that Okies made it on TV! How awesome!

 Hugs to everyone,

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9 thoughts on “So Excited…..”

  1. I watched it last night…nice!! Now what they keep saying about "you're never gonna find this in your local store, blah blah blah" Is that HSN-speak for "the E2 will be in your local store but not the anniversary edition?"

  2. That's what I'm thinking too…I didn't watch all the presentations but to my knowledge HSN didn't specify (nor did Jinger Adams)what the difference(s) will be between the 2 machines.

  3. Robin it is over priced, way over priced…. and will be for another year or so.
    I'm sure I will be waiting until I get one for under 150 and you can rest assured I will get it for that price.
    That is the way I roll!

  4. Oh yeah-I'm all about bargains! Though at that price you'll have me waaay beat on the price I got for the expression 2…unless the carts I got with it are premium. They need to do more coupons for scrapbooking supplies so we can do "extreme couponing" for scrapbooks!

    …………..Ok Ok guess it's time to wake up…~sigh~ lol!


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