September Calendar Page

Hey Everyone,
 Well this Calendar Series has almost come to an end! I’m a little sad but I’m so excited that my Calendars are done so early this year! It feel wonderful to have them finished 6 months before its time to give them as gifts.
 I have to say that I have some finishing work to do on them. I need to go back and add all the dates to them, and then I have few pages that need titles and small stuff done to them. But that will be easy to do and won’t take long.
 Here is September and I really love doing fall ANYTHING. Its my favorite time of the year so its not hard for me to get inspired for these pages!
 Episode 91
I still have not got the title part of the page finished, so I haven’t taken any pictures…. sorry guys.
Have a great week!
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2 thoughts on “September Calendar Page”

  1. Tina,
    This is so cute. I love how you did the bus windows. I wasn't sure about getting locker talk, but now I think I want it 🙂
    Hope your daughter has a great year


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