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Hey Everyone,

 I hope everyone had a great weekend, I’m enjoying my husband being up to visit us! We had a great Bar B-Que with family on Sunday to celebrate our 5th Anv & Father’s Day since he won’t be with us 🙁

 I wanted to let you guys know that there has been alot of Stampin’ Up stuff on the blog the last few weeks and its only because I’ve just been in the middle of getting alot my stuff from them and its been sort of what is on my mind!
 The blog will not always be like this! I DO NOT sell Stampin’ Up stuff, it doesn’t make a difference to me if you buy the stuff or not, and even though I really do love alot of their products and I alot of their products have made it easier for me to scrapbook my first love is still my Cricut and I will be getting back to do more with that in the up coming weeks.
 I just love sharing with everyone the things that are going on in my crafting world!
 I will be starting a Cricut Lite Cartridge Series on Sundays that is going to be super fun and I’m hoping to give away some lite carts along the way! So thanks guys for hanging in there with me the last few weeks! You guys are the best!

 Now here are some cards that Wendy has made over the last few months! She has always been awesome at making cards. I have a harder time with it so I love seeing what she has done!

And here is a card she made with a stamp set that will be out in the new Stampin’ Up Catalog!

Hope everyone has a great day,

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2 thoughts on “Cards From Wendy”

  1. Very cute cards!! I am really looking forward to the lite series! But I know it is just going to cost me more money!! Isn't that the way with this hobby? There is always a new cart or tool or something we just NEED!


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