Cricut Lite Series – Coke Can Invite

Hey Everyone,
 I’m sorry this post is late this morning, I thought I had it ready to go and then I realized that I hadn’t edited the video or done the post! So here I am rushing to get it to you! (Good thing I had to do laundry this morning and the kids had to wait to go outside! lol)
 I’m so excited about this beginning this series! I’m having alot of fun getting to know my lite cartridges!
 We are going to start with this really fun Block Party Cartridge!
 I put together this really fun Bar B Que invite!
 Episode 104
 This is how my invited turned out!
Here is some of thing things I’ve done with this Cartridge!
This is a Scrapbooking Page Layout that I did for our family Album last year! I love th way it turned out!
This was an invatation I made for a Birthday Bar-b-que we had for my husband last year!  

Here is a Recipe Scrapbooking that I’ve been working (for 2 years now lol!!!!) and I love the coke bottle on this cartridge! My Grandma makes a cake that calls for a can of Coke and the coke bottle worked perfect!
Next Week we will be looking at Sugar and Spice & B is for Boy!
Thanks Everyone,
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