Late Night …

Hi Everyone,
 How many of you remember back at the beginning of the year when Wendy decided that for her 30th birthday she wanted to “Redo” her Craft Room?
 She decided to take everything out and paint and do some major clean up and just things in a better place.
 Lets take a look back ….
Before …..
While in the process of painting….
A New Desk….
 So ….. her birthday was in March and most of the work took place that first weekend in March… now I have to say I was suppose to come down for the big final touch and reveal and that didn’t work since my life was upside down at the time….
 Now fast forward to yes AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets just be clear … Its AUGUST and she says to me a few days ago…. “Um when you get your craft room together I would like you to come over because I need to do a little revamp…..”
 Really… I mean really…. I said to her last night as we are moving this around and moving that around…. “Look when you said you wanted this redone for your 30th Birthday I didn’t know it was something we would be doing until your 31st.”
 She decided to do an office nook like I’m doing in my room and she got something different to put her paper in as well as she started her Stampin’ Up Business. So her room really did need a little revamp.
 But I have to say I had a great time hanging out with her!!!! We were not under any time crunch because I had to travel back home (I walked home at 9 last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) we were even able to run to town to pick a few things that were needed for the room.
 I’m going to be doing a video of my new space this weekend and when I do I will shoot a few pictures of what Wendy has done in her room and show you guys those as well!
 How fun is it to live down the street from your Best Friend…. well I would have to say its the most fun EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 thoughts on “Late Night …”

  1. We realized yesterday that it was the first time we had hung out in the 3 weeks I had been here… we talk less now than we did I lived so far away…. now we just know that we live so close and we will get to it!!!!!! lol
    I have to say its wonderful being here!


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