My New Scrapbooking Room

UPDATE 9/28/2013 
You can CLICK HERE to see what my room looks like now, it has changed a few times since this post! 
Hey Everyone,
 I finally have all my internet issues worked out and videos are uploading!
 Here is how my scrapbooking room turned out! This room is about half the space as my old room, and is the very same layout as Wendy’s room (Our houses were built by the same person!!!!)
 I love love love my new space and I don’t really feel like I lost any space, the set up is really awesome!
 Its not all the way finished, there are still lots of things I want to do but its going to have to be “finished” for the next 6 months or so!
 Be sure to check out our Scrapbooking Room Tab at the top for all our spaces and each make over we have done!
 Here are some photos
Hope you enjoyed seeing my space!
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