Welcome Back…

Confession Mondays:
 Hey everyone … Welcome back! I’m so excited that my life is getting back to “sort of” normal. Now I say getting back to “sort of” normal because this is a new normal for us.
 When we lived in Willits we really didn’t have too much of a life… (Sad but true) We had a handful of good friends that we got together with but for the most part we were homebodies!
Everything was just to far away from us (2 hours to do anything… Costco, Malls, Targets… etc) We didn’t have a church we were “really” going to and other than just the few limited things we did things were pretty slow going for us.
 Since we have moved we have been way more busy than I EVER THOUGHT we would be!!!!!!!
 We have an awesome Church we are going to, which takes 3 days of our week, and then we have lots of friends and family that we have plans with now, not to mention the fact that my husband Job has become more demanding since his promotion.
 Life is really good…. no its really great …. however now I realize how hard it is to keep up with ALL THE MEMORIES! I’m really big about enjoy your life and the memories that you are making!
 So I wanted to share with you guys what I do to help myself remember those details of life that can often be forget when life gets busy!
 Here is a video with a small tip:
 Episode 105
I haven’t got my tripod out yet to do videos but I have a few for you this week and then I will get out the tripod and do some really fun videos!
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