Holidays I don’t do…

Hey Everyone,
 I know you have seen ALOT of posts this last month of normal everyday layouts, and I thought I should just mention that I don’t do Halloween, our family doesn’t celebrate it in any way, we don’t even acknowledge that its a “Holiday” its just a pesonal choice that we have made! So this month I’ve been doing my layouts and a few cards, waiting for Thanksgiving and Christmas to get here!
 Also we had/have been preparing for the arrival of our new baby!
 In the next few weeks you are going to see alot more of the “Holiday Season” come through on the blog! I can’t wait to start in on all of it!
 Also just to let you know that next week the blog will be on “Vacation” I will be back at the beginning of November !
 Have a great time on all your Halloween adventures!
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1 thought on “Holidays I don’t do…”

  1. Of course everyone is entitled to their own choices. Although when my kids were young we DID go trick or treating but now that they are grown, I don't really do it either. I don't like doing the Halloween cards as it just seems weird to me to give someone a card just for that. Not sure why I feel that way…it's just weird. I am sure I will do the layouts for when my kids were young (kinda late with that) but I don't even decorate. We live out in the country so we don't have visitors.

    I can't wait to see your Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff. I LOVE those holidays!


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