More Disneyland Layouts

Hey Everyone,
 Wendy came over last Sunday and we did some scrapbooking, its the first time that she and I have been able to get together since I got moved down here.
 She sat and cut TONS of stuff for her Disney Albums!!!! I couldn’t believe how much she has cut out. She has been been keeping track of all the hours she has spent working on it and as of last Sunday she was up to about 22 hours all together! How crazy is that.
I’ve never been one for paper piecing all the characters together, but she was cutting out a Jessie from the Toy Story Cartridge and she cut one out for me and we put her all together! It ended up being alot of fun.
Here are some of the things she cut out and some more of her layouts.
 Episode 120 – My video will not post … what is the deal?
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