A Paper Update

Hi Everyone,
 Its getting to be that time of the year where I start thinking about buying paper. Why around this time of year you ask…. well lots of new paper come out for the fall, there is new Christmas paper that hits stores and then we have black Friday coming up.
Last year for Black Friday I scored BIG at Michaels. I went at 6pm on Thanksgiving Night because they had 30 % off coupon that included sale items!
 They had paper packs on sale for $9.99 and with the coupon I got them for $7.99
 I ended up buying 8 paper packs!
 Here are some of the ones that I want this year!
 Simple Autum
 Jingle Bells
 Sugar Plum
 Stitch In Time
I think that is pretty good, there are only 4 ……… until I get to the store and see the others I will for sure fall in love with!
So with all that said I thought I would do a video about my paper and what I’ve done recently.
I always hear people in the “Craft” world” talking about what to do with all the paper have, and how the keep buying it and how out of control it all feels.
I buy paper ALL THE TIME…. and I mean ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! I love paper and I don’t think you can really ever have enough of it, however I do know that if I don’t do something once in awhile with my paper it really will be TOO much.
 And often times I forget  about some amazing paper I have because “out of sight out of mind”
 So here is my solution to the problem!
 Episode 115
Remember its always okay to get purge your paper! Get together with a friend and purge together, swab some paper, have a crop night and set your paper out and put 10cents a sheet on it, give it your kids to play with , donate it to a local nursing home that does crafts, or your kids school.
Then you won’t feel bad when you buy paper!
Everyone’s style changes and sometimes paper goes out of date, so its fine to purge!
I try and do this every 6 months or so!
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2 thoughts on “A Paper Update”

  1. Tina,
    You sure do have a lot of paper. LOL
    I donate all of my scraps to the local elementary school or the Ronald McDonald house.
    I love the tip about blaming the paper company, I will definitely tell that one to hubby when I buy more paper
    Hugs, Stacy


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