Welcome Baby Andrew….

 I wanted to do a short post to day to let everyone know that I had the baby!
 On Saturday morning I started having contractions around 7am, I had gone to the hospital on Wednesday thinking it was “time” and I was already dilated to 5 but they didn’t keep, so I was unsure if something was really happening.
 My Husband decided to go head and go to work, he works about 30 minutes away, however about 15 minutes after he left I had a very hard contration in my back and I knew something was different so I called him and told him to come home.
 He got back home about 7:35 and we got in the car and headed to the hospital!
 When we got there it was a little after 8 and I was at 6 so they were sure it would be fast.
 I had really great contractions, nothing hard until about 10:30, around that time I had 2 really hard contractions and the we decided to have the Doctor brake my water!
 2 pushes later at 10:46am Andrew Michael came into the world!
 I’m so thankful everything went so well! We had an awesome nurse that helped through the birth and was on the rest of the day and we had a great doctor!
 I had to stay in the hospital 48 hours for a minor issue that turned out to be nothing and now we are home!!!
 The girls are so excited to have their new baby brother home and I’m feeling wonderful! I’m so ready to be up and doing EVERYTHING
 But I think I will take it easy a few more days while my Mom is still helping out!
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