Black Friday … Coming Up!!!!

Who is already planning their Black Friday Shopping?????????
I always look forward to going to Michael’s Thanksgiving Night! Last year they had the great 30% off coupon including sell items if you came that night! It would be awesome to have that again this year and be able to go.
I got a ton of paper packs for  $7.99 last year.
And it looks like they will be doing the same thing this year… I saw the Michaels Black Friday Ad and it looks awesome! Check it out here:
Wendy went to Walmart at Midnight last year to get some things and I know she is planning on doing that again this year!
What is everyone else up to this year? Anyone get any wind of any ads for Black Friday yet???
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2 thoughts on “Black Friday … Coming Up!!!!”

  1. I'm so excited about going to Michael's too. I'm not gonna go on Thanksgiving night but I'll be there Friday morning (early!), since they have the 30% off coupon for Friday too. Can't wait to see your haul.

  2. I will be at WalMart for an Imagine!! Then probably to Hobby Lobby before I go to work Friday morning. Last year they had scrapbooks for like $3.99. I don't know what they will have this year bu I am sure there will be something I "need"!!


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