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Hey Everyone,
 Okay fess up …. who else just can’t leave the scraproom or space alone!!!!! I can’t be the only the one who is forever changing stuff around!
I just recently got some more shelves to hang up and I thought I would share with you a few updates that have taken place.
Here are some shelves that got hung that I pretty sure I want to paint them white later on! These shelves are more for decorative items, and I needed a place to put my Cricut Font Cartridges! I also wanted a place for a speaker.
These are shelves that I added above my paper, I wanted something that could hold alot of Misc item. I want to get some matching baskets for 9 cube organizer under my Cricut Cartridges and for these shelves.
Also this was an amazing idea, and I have to give the credit to my mom!!!! I had these brackets that had these loops at the end of them and when my Mom saw them she said I could put rod across them and hang my ribbon up, I already like where my normal ribbon was but I had been searching for a place to put my Holiday ribbon and this worked out awesome!
So now all of my Holiday Ribbon hangs on these rods and I can clearly see what I have when I’m working on a project!
The other thing that I have started to do is add these “labels” to EVERYTHING!
I love labeling things! I’ve wanted a label maker FOREVER!!!!!!!!! Wendy had got one and had labeled her craft room and I told her I wanted to use it how ever it was out of label tape, the other night I was at her house and she had used a Stampin’ Up punch and had made these cute labels I thought it was a great idea so while I was there I used her punch and punched out of bunch of these in the Stampin’ Up Color “Wisteria Wonder” and then I just added them to all of the things that I had wanted to label.
It turned out that it was a great way to get my stuff labeled without having to buy anything extra!
Here are some pictures of Wendy’s Scrapbook Room, she has been doing the same thing, updating her room! She hung up some shelves and is getting things in better order!
Here is her desk, and she has just done a few different things to the stuff that sits on top of it.
She is waiting for my husband to build her a shelve to go on top of her desk.
She got a 9 cube organizer from Lowe’s a while back and has slowly been getting all of her stuff for that in place, it is starting to look so good! I love it!
She also had did shelves above that unit and and you can see right under her Embellishment Center she got a ribbon rack and that is where she is keeping her Stampin’ Up Ribbon now. It also holds her trimmers on top of it. It worked out perfect!
I hope you guys enjoyed seeing some of the stuff that we have been doing to our  room, I guess it is just forever changing and growing and getting organized!
You can check out our Scrapbooking space  at the top of the blog under the tap that says “Scrapbooking Rooms”
Thanks for stopping by everyone,
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