Cricut Craft Room & Cricut Digital Cartridge Downloads…..


UPDATE: 9/28/2013
This post seems to get found alot when your searching for information on the Cricut Expression 2, I’m not really doing anything with my Cricut much any more, however I did just hear that the CRICUT EXPRESSION is being discontinued. 
That makes me so very sad. 

Hey Everyone,
 I thought I would do a Cricut Talk post today!
 I’m sure everyone knows that the Cricut came out with the new Cricut Expression 2
Here are some of the details about the Expression 2

  • Sleeker design with all-new colors and finishes
  • Cuts with all Cricut® and Cricut Imagine® cartridges
  • Wireless compatibility (optional accessories)
  • Full-color LCD touch screen display with stylus
  • No keypad overlay required
  • Mat preview
  • Material setting
  • Cutting area light
  • Exclusive cartridge content preloaded on the machine
  • Swappable side-trim pieces
  •  I highlighted a few things because I wanted to point out something really fun with this new machine!!!!
    The Cricut Expression now has FULL Cartridges that are downloaded right on the machine, that is right now… no more cartridge to stick in the machine!
     Now this machine came out a little while ago….. and I was wondering about these features, because I was thinking…. No cartridges … what do we do with these cartridges that we have….
     Then Provo Craft started working on something called “The Cricut Craft Room” let me share with you some of the details of this and then I will show you how both of these new tools work together!
    This is a screen shot from over at
    Here is the information that can be found there:
    “The only limit: your imagination.
    Welcome to a whole new way to create. Cricut Craft Room™ is a fun, easy-to-use, and timesaving online design tool that lets you experiment, explore, and design in ways never before possible. And it’s free. Plus, just for starting your account, you’ll automatically receive Cricut Craft Room™ Basics, a collection of digital fonts and shapes.

    Desktop Version : Cut, design, and save.

    Connect your Cricut® machine directly to your computer and start cutting with a mouse click or a keystroke. Just download Cricut Craft Room™ application to get going. For PC Users, make sure you have the correct drivers installed.

    Web Version : Design and save from anywhere.

    Play, design, and save projects from anywhere with an Internet connection. Simply log on to your desktop version when you’re ready to cut.”
    Now how does this all go together, as you can see you hook your cricut up to your computer and you can use this software.
    This software will work with ANY Cricut you own and its completly free!
    However what I find amazing and wonderful is I was on the website this morning and I came across this:
    You can click on that above to check out the Cricut Cartridges that you can now buy and download into thr Cricut Craft Room Software.
    They are way small then mini carts with just a handful of images and I really think that they should be price a little cheeper! They have a price any where from $9.99 to $14.99!
    However I think we are seeing the beginning of something that we are all going to end up loving.
    How many of us have went out and got a cartridge because we saw one image on the cartridge that we thought we couldn’t live without.
    I know I have, I just recently bought “Straight from the nest” because there was something I want on that cartridge and would you believe that it was over 2 months ago when I got and I still haven’t even used that Cartridge.
    Now if I would have been able to go to and just download that one item when I was working on the project that I needed it for I would have been all over that!
    With this new machine being wireless and the craft room downloads I believe this is were PC is headed!
    How does everyone feel about it? Are you excited or would you rather just have the full carts out there to buy?
    I’m thinking if this is something that is going to happen it might end up driving the prices for cartridges down really low!
    Either way I think I’m loving the idea. Even if I want the Imagine before I would want the Expression 2!
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    3 thoughts on “Cricut Craft Room & Cricut Digital Cartridge Downloads…..”

    1. I like the possibilities with the Cricut Craft Room. However, I just can't get the hang of it.I know it will probably just take some time. I had Design Studio for about 6 months before I actually used it! I am a little technology challenced so it will take me awhile to catch on!!

    2. Carrie I'm with you, I haven't used it ALOT just because its a little much for me, and to be honest I don't really like sitting in front of the computer any more than I have too…. I spent enough time in front of the computer for the blog!
      However the possibilities its beginning to offer I think are amazing!

    3. I just posted about this the other day, the digital cartridges! I am so thrilled honestly, especially living overseas and needing APO shipping, does not ship APO, so digital carts are great for me! I just got the Expression 2 and I love it, its great and worth it! I have had the original Expression for several years. I like where Cricut is going and as they stated, they will not stop making the physical carts, so no worries there for those who dont care for the digital idea.


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