Oh Christmas Cards, Oh Christmas Cards……

Hi Everyone,
 I’m starting something new! A week of Holiday Cards … how much fun is this going to be šŸ™‚ LOL
 For each Holiday I’m going to start doing a Week of Cards! So a few weeks before each Holiday I will be post 5 – 7 Videos, One each day for a week of a Card for that Holiday.
 They are going to be simple and easy, to the point! I want to encourage you guys to make your own cards even if your not that good at it (I’m not that great at making cards I promise!)
 We are going to start with Christmas! Here is our 1st Christmas Card of the year!
 I did this card using my Christmas Cheer Cartridge! If you have the Stampin’ Up Stocking punch you could do this card as well.
 I hope enjoy!
(I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING WRONG WITH YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m getting so mad, I’m not doing anything different than I always have. I pick “embed” and then I copy the code and paste it here and its NOT SHOWING UP!!!!!!! What the heck is going on??????)
 Episode 132
Have a great day,
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