The Year Ahead….

Hi Everyone,
 Happy New Year!!!!! All I have to say is that I’m so glad last year is over, After 2 moves, 1 job change, 1 job promotion, 9 months of pregnancy and welcoming our beautiful baby boy into the world I’m so done with 2011 …LOL!!!!!!

 I’m looking forward to this year and all the wonderful that will come, I’m so excited to be living back in my home town! I love being so close to all of our family and friends!
 I’m also looking forward to do so much more with the blog, I feel like I wasn’t able to do as much as I wanted to last year since my personal life was really crazy!

 I always like to start the new year out by setting some goals, so I thought I would do that with the blog!
 Last year one of our goals was to hit 300 followers! We didn’t hit that this last year but we came close, so my goal for this year is 450! I think it can be done!
 I would also like to be accepted on a Design Team this year! I’m going to start trying out for them.
 And I will also be joining in on Challenges!!! Anyone know of any that they take part in and want to share?
 Also I’m going to be trying to do alot more cards and gifts!
And with said here is a video that I did to show you guys what I’ve been up too! 
Episode 140

So lets get started this year … what are your goals this year? Anyone have any craft goals they have set for themselves? Anyone get any new Cricut Machines for  Christmas they are planning on using?
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2 thoughts on “The Year Ahead….”

  1. My big goal this year is my sons wedding album. He got mattird in August 2011 and I have been buying things for the album but I haven't started it yet. I wanted to wait until after the holidays so I could give it my full attention. Now I just have to print pictures. Between the proffesional ones and the ones I took, I have over 2000 to choose from. It is going to take awhile to pick!


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